Will the game be available on Mac and Linux ?



How about making a mobile version, it seems like it would work well for that?

Not out of the question, since the core interaction of the game would translate well, but not part of the plan at this time.


And VR ?

Probably not, but I'm personally a big fan of VR and have everything I need to try, so who knows... :)


How long will the game be ?

I think the game will take about an hour or so, with anywhere between 50 and 100 puzzles, at least for the initial release.


How much will the game cost ?

While I would love for Bomb Squad to make us rich, I have no delusion about its worth, it'll be a few bucks at most. That or we could make it free and charge people every time they die! What do you think? Or maybe ads, really loud ones, everywhere, while you play... ;)


Will there be an Early Access version?

Probably not. I think that Early Access is warranted for more sandbox-y types of games, but for a puzzle game like this, I think it's okay to release free updates with more levels without needing to call the game unfinished.


So when will the game be out?

March 28th, 2017. Look for it on Steam.